Future Moonlight Stitching dates for 2022 are:

  • April 21st Sit & Stitch (reservations by April 19th; dessert only; $25)
  • May 19th Moonlight Madness (reservations by May 17th; dinner and dessert; $35)
  • June 16th Sit & Stitch (reservations by June 14th; dessert only; $25)
  • July 21st Moonlight Madness (reservations by July 19th; dinner and dessert; $35)

The store will close at 6 pm as usual, though attending students can still make purchases.

For Moonlight Madness, we’ll have a healthy dinner and a delicious dessert or two, while Sit & Stitch only includes a dessert or two; both are followed by lots of knitting and stitching time and all the help and instruction you want.

It’s a class so our normal class rules apply and you’ll get credit for it. Advance reservations are required by the Wednesday before.  Yarn must have been purchased from Knit One, Stitch Too.

There will be a surprise or two during the evening as well.

Future dates for this year will be announced as they are scheduled. Call the store for more information.




2013 Mardi Gras. Mark your calender for this year!

Our favorite event of the year has passed again, and we are still trying to work off the king cake! Put all of your beads, doubloons, masks, and costumes back into deep storage where they are safe for next year!

And so you don’t forget for next year, we’ll have wild music, great fun, and the best prices ever.  To get the biggest discount, you just have to be as wild and crazy as we are!

If you wear purplegreen, or gold, you’ll get 1% off, or 5% if you wear all three.

If you know a Mardi Gras song, you’ll have an additional 3% off.

Mardi Gras slogan is worth another 3% off.

Real Mardi Gras beads are worth 3%, and a real Mardi Gras doubloon is worth 5% (we gave you beads and doubloons in past years, so dig them out and bring them in).

real Zulu coconut that Betsy can keep is worth 10%.

Any wild and crazy (and legal) Mardi Gras attire will be worth extra percentage off your prices, so have fun getting wild and crazy and save money, too!


2023 Charlotte Area Yarn Crawl

Stay tuned for more information on the 2022 Charlotte Area Yarn Crawl!

You’ll find all the details on  It will be different but we’ll still have fun!