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Knit One, Stitch Too was opened in July 2001 by Betsy Weber to offer high quality supplies, accessories, and instruction to those interested in knitting, needlepointing, crocheting, and other needlearts. Over the years we have grown into a community of lively-minded needleartists of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds who enjoy sharing our love of needle work. You’re always welcome to come in and see what’s new, get help with your project, or just sit and relax with your needles for a while. We love having visitors!

We are a full service store so we also offer finishing of knitted, crocheted, and needlepoint items, or we will work the entire item for you. Our Christmas deadline for finishing is October 1 every year. We repair hand made items, and are always happy to provide estimates on repairs or teach you how to make repairs yourself.


Here we are at another New Year – I hope it’s a wonderful one for all of us.  It’s hard to talk about everything getting back to normal when it’s been so long who knows what is normal?  Our suppliers seem to have more available, and we’re getting more new items in, so it’s looking better all the time.  Now we just have the little quirks that come along, like the shortage of cream cheese just before Christmas.  Whoever heard of a shortage of something like cream cheese?  Unfortunately our business isn’t quirk free, either.

We did finish taking inventory.  It’s a huge job to count every item in the store and we were very fortunate to have great help this year.  Cathy and Mary Jo, I can’t thank you both enough!

Many of our suppliers close over the holidays so we don’t expect new things to be coming in until later this month.  We are expecting more yarn from several companies along with more gadgets and goodies.  The one new yarn so far this month is from Wonderland Yarns as part of their deSTITCHnation program.  This is a new limited edition color in one of their bases that invokes a place in the country of the month.  It comes with a post card and pattern designed for that yarn.  This one is actually December, but it arrived too late for the newsletter, and features Athena and Greece.  The pattern is for a shoulder shawl.  The yarn this month is Silky Stardust, a sport weight blend of 51% cultivated silk, 29% merino, and 20% seacell.  Seacell is an organic cellulose fiber made from seaweed.  It’s soft, silky, nonallergenic, and completely biodegradable.  The yarn is luscious to work with and wear.  I’m a few rows into the shoulder shawl, so stop by and see how beautifully it’s working up.

Our Fall Knit-Along (KAL) party is Sunday at the store from 1 – 5 pm.  We’ll have plenty of food and treats for all of you who participated in this KAL.  The party is restricted to those who signed up and you’re welcome to come whether or not you finished your project.  Now it’s time for the next KAL.

I’ve been asked to do a mystery KAL, and I will, but we just finished taking inventory – counting EVERY item in the store, so my brain won’t be up to that till spring.  For now we’re making it an easy KAL.  The usual rules apply – you must buy your yarn in the store and sign up by February 12, and you need at least 500 yards of yarn.  There’s no charge to participate but we have to know what yarn and pattern you’re using.  Our end date and party will be May 22, 2022.  The theme for this one is trying something new.  You can either buy a fiber you’ve never used, a yarn you’ve never used, or make something you’ve never made before.  There will be a gift for everyone who participates and prize drawings for those who finish.  Sign up soon and get started!

Moonlight Madness will be the 21st this month, and you’ll need to sign up by the 19th.  We’ll have a healthy dinner and a great dessert along with knitting, crochet, and needlepoint teachers to help you with any project you’re doing.  Mark your calendar and keep your needles moving!