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Knit One, Stitch Too was opened in July 2001 by Betsy Weber to offer high quality supplies, accessories, and instruction to those interested in knitting, needlepointing, crocheting, and other needlearts. Over the years we have grown into a community of lively-minded needleartists of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds who enjoy sharing our love of needle work. You’re always welcome to come in and see what’s new, get help with your project, or just sit and relax with your needles for a while. We love having visitors!

We are a full service store so we also offer finishing of knitted, crocheted, and needlepoint items, or we will work the entire item for you. Our Christmas deadline for finishing is October 1 every year. We repair hand made items, and are always happy to provide estimates on repairs or teach you how to make repairs yourself.




WOW!  Another year has passed & while we’re all another year older, we’re also another year wiser, another year better at the things we practice doing (like stitching, knitting, and crocheting), and another year ahead in the stash department.  Don’t ask me to elaborate on that last one since some of us want to increase our stash and others want to decrease it, while the rest of us simply hope to keep ours under control.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions any more since they never seemed to work for very long.  That was probably because they all involved big lifestyle changes, giving up favorite things, or taking on hard jobs.  The middle of winter is not the time for me to do these things.  I think we should come up with some easy, fun things we can do instead.  We could try smiling at every grumpy person we see, or practicing random acts of kindness (not a new idea, but still a good one), or not being afraid of stitching (knitting and crocheting, too) in public, or being totally silly for a few minutes every time we feel like it.  We all need more fun and smiles in our lives.

What’s new?  We finished taking inventory (counting every item in the store is one thing I really don’t enjoy) so we’re back to being open regular days and hours on Jan. 2.  The only new yarn is a new shipment of Ethical Fur from Aalta.   If you still have scarves, cowls, or hats to make, it’s here now.  It has been one of the fastest selling yarns we’re had.  If you haven’t tried it, it’s a wonderfully soft polyester fake fur that works up quickly on a #15 needle.  One ball makes a great cowl in just a couple of hours.  We got a large needle delivery in a couple of weeks ago that included lots of #15’s!  You can expect several more yarn deliveries in the next couple of weeks, so there’s more new yarn to come.

We have some great new project bags in lots of fun sheep prints.  Isn’t it interesting how many knitters and crocheters like sheep even if they don’t work with wool?  These zip neatly with a nylon zipper so they won’t snag your yarn and have a buttonhole to feed your yarn through so it stays contained and clean while you’re working.

We’ve had a rash of customers lately who are looking for yarn they don’t know what is.  Often if they have some of the yarn or the item they made we can figure it out, but if they used it and gave the item to someone some time ago, we’re at a loss.  Here’s my easy tip to prevent that.  Take one yarn band and tape a 6” piece of the yarn to it.  Then write on it what you made with the yarn and where you bought it.  Now toss the band into a shoebox with all your other bands.  If you ever need to know anything about that yarn, you have it in your shoebox.  If you want to get carried away, you can also note if you liked using the yarn, and anything you want to remember about it.  If the person you made it for calls and asks how to care for it, you’ll know that, too.

Knitted Knockers is it the 4th this month and Sit & Stitch is the 15th.   If you’re coming, you must let us know by the 13th.  We wish you all a happy, healthy, and very stitchy New Year.

Keep your needles moving!