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Knit One, Stitch Too was opened in July 2001 by Betsy Weber to offer high quality supplies, accessories, and instruction to those interested in knitting, needlepointing, crocheting, and other needlearts. Over the years we have grown into a community of lively-minded needleartists of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds who enjoy sharing our love of needle work. You’re always welcome to come in and see what’s new, get help with your project, or just sit and relax with your needles for a while. We love having visitors!

We are a full service store so we also offer finishing of knitted, crocheted, and needlepoint items, or we will work the entire item for you. Our Christmas deadline for finishing is October 1 every year. We repair hand made items, and are always happy to provide estimates on repairs or teach you how to make repairs yourself.




How about this – TWO newsletters in one week!  I’m not keeping promises at all lately, but very soon we’ll go back to no more than one email per month.

We wanted to tell you immediately that we will re-open on Saturday, May 9!  The governor has eased the restrictions on retail stores so we will be operating at modified hours from Saturday on.  Our hours will be Monday 11-5, Tuesday 10-6, Wednesday 10-6, Thursday 10-7, Friday 10-6, & Saturday 10-5.  You know there are a few catches.  We can help you with your problems, even if we can’t sit next to each other.

Here are the rules we must follow:


  1. We will all wear masks – staff and customers
  2. We will all practice social distancing
  3. We will have soap and water for hand washing and hand sanitizer available for everyone
  4. We will use tape on the floor to keep everyone 6 feet apart at the register
  5. We have removed some chairs so anyone sitting at the table for help will be 6 feet apart and we will not let you move chairs together
  6. We’ll still be offering mail and curb service if you don’t want to come into the store yet
  7. We will limit the number of people in the store following the state guidelines of no more than 12 at any one time
  8. All classes are still on hold, and we will let our students know as soon as we’re allowed.  You won’t loose any of your tuition because you’ll start up where you left off when we had to close.
  9. Sit & Stitch is also currently canceled until we are able to start classes again.


Hopefully we’ll be back to real normal very soon, but in the meantime, we can all get together to make this work.  We’ll be looking forward to seeing you soon and remember to keep your needles moving!



I had a really catchy title for this newsletter – GREETINGS FROM HOME – since that’s where we were, but we couldn’t get the new computer to work and the old one wasn’t interested in the job either, so we’re back at the store.  We aren’t open yet – let’s hope we can do that after the 8th.  Until we’re allowed to open we will be in the store Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 11 – 3 for curb and mail orders.  Call or email and we can get what you want ready to pick up or mail to you.  We will stay late if you need a later pick up time.

We all hope this finds you healthy and doing well, and not going too stir crazy.  I’m not going to repeat all the good information we’re hearing from all the media since we all know that the more we continue doing now the better off we’ll all be through this pandemic.  Keep in mind that the benefits of our crafts will help us immensely right now.  Plying our needles and hooks will keep our blood pressure down, our good brain chemicals up, and our general mood much happier, to say nothing of helping us stay calm when dealing with those around us and using up a few calories.  That last doesn’t count if you put aside your hooks and needles for baking pans and mixers!  We will get through this.

Most of our suppliers have had to close in their states so we aren’t receiving new items.  One of the exceptions is frabjous fibers in Florida.  We’re really pleased to have received two shipments from them recently.  April’s shipment of deSTITCHnation is Peru.  The yarn is Alice, a DK 70% superwash merino and 30% silk blend, and the color is a lovely dark denim with bursts of dark and light gold, light blue, and burgundy.  The pattern that goes with it makes an open, airy zig-zag stole that’s perfect for layering.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  This is one I’m going to make for myself.

The second shipment is the same Alice yarn in their Luminous Collection.  These colors are really amazing, and there are quite a few of them.  At 242 yards in each skein, you can do lots with just one skein, and combining any two or three of the colors would be fantastic.  It’s a wonderful yarn to knit and crochet with and just as nice to wear.

Will there be a Sit & Stitch this month?  It’s hard to say right now.  When we find out about when and how we can open, we’ll let you know.  Actually I think they have the opening set up wrong.  We need to open the nail and hair salons first so we’ll be able to recognize each other when we get back together.  My husband has threatened to start calling me Rapunzel!  He can’t say much since the unopened box count in the house has gone down considerably over the past few weeks.  Now where to put all this stuff other than Goodwill?  I’ll keep opening them up & finding all sorts of surprises (but not my dishes yet).  John says this the best deployment he’s ever been on since he has a two room suite, a decent bathroom all to himself, good food, internet without having to stand in line, no heavy equipment to wear, and toilet paper!  Apparently the first thing Marines run out of on deployment is TP.   Try to enjoy your deployment as much as John is and keep your needles moving!