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Knit One, Stitch Too was opened in July 2001 by Betsy Weber to offer high quality supplies, accessories, and instruction to those interested in knitting, needlepointing, crocheting, and other needlearts. Over the years we have grown into a community of lively-minded needleartists of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds who enjoy sharing our love of needle work. You’re always welcome to come in and see what’s new, get help with your project, or just sit and relax with your needles for a while. We love having visitors!

We are a full service store so we also offer finishing of knitted, crocheted, and needlepoint items, or we will work the entire item for you. Our Christmas deadline for finishing is October 1 every year. We repair hand made items, and are always happy to provide estimates on repairs or teach you how to make repairs yourself.



We hope you enjoyed the snow storm like we did – in a warm house with stitches and needles or hooks, and perhaps some cocoa or an afternoon nap. What I want to know is why does the dog love racing around when it’s too icy for me to keep up with him?  The next question is, are you ready for my Grandmother’s birthday?  You might call it Groundhog Day, but in my family we thought the groundhogs had good taste in choosing Grandma’s birthday to check for winter’s end.  We always had a party and good cake with no groundhogs in sight.

Now I have to admit to a couple of mistakes that may shock you, but they shouldn’t since we all make mistakes. My latest knitting “design element” was to make one of my grandson’s mittens an inch longer than the other one.  I don’t know whether I can’t count, it was an interesting TV show, I was having too much fun talking, or what.  I’m pretty sure his hands are both the same length, but he’s going to have to stretch one or live with it, because I didn’t notice it until they were finished, and I’m not ripping and re-knitting.  He’s going to outgrow them someday, and maybe he won’t notice if no one tells him.  The moral of this story is – if you make a mistake, you get to decide how to handle it, and whatever you choose is fine.

My second mistake was to turn off the alarm on my mental calendar. I just realized that Mardi Gras is this week and I’m far from ready.  (It is very early this year, but I should have noticed it earlier.)  So we will have our yearly MARDI GRAS SALE a bit late.  February 12, 13, 15, 16, and 17 are the BIG DAYS, so get ready for fun, food, and great prices.

We’ll have decorations, and music, king cake with PRIZES to win, and great fun.  There may even be a second line at some point.  EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS ON SALE!  Your discount on items not already on sale will depend on how wild and crazy you can be.  If you wear purple, green, or gold, you’ll have 1% off for each, or 5% if you wear all three.  If you know a Mardi Gras song, we’ll take an extra 3% offA Mardi Gras slogan is worth another 3%Real Mardi Gras beads are worth 3%, and a Mardi Gras Doubloon is worth 5%If you bring in a real Zulu Coconut for us to keep, it is worth an additional 10% off.  We gave you beads and doubloons when you shopped the sale in previous years, so dig them out, put on your finery and come see us for fun and great prices.  As always, wild and crazy (and legal) Mardi Gras attire will be worth extra points off.

Moonlight Madness is the 13th this month so make your reservations by the 11th.

Dig out your Mardi Gras duds and keep your needles moving!